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Interesting facts about research and their benefits

Global research firms, with decades of experience, have compared the success of research users versus non-users.

Increased returns of funds managed through research over those that don’t outperformed by 

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General outperformance of stocks using research

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Percentage of confident users surveyed in research

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Long-term success – who rely on research-based strategies tend to outperform those who don’t by

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Research conducted on informed decision making found the number who said that research was crucial is 

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Words from Dr. Victor Chukwuemeka

I am Dr. Victor Chukwuemeka, and I am thrilled to extend our consulting services to you. With over 30 years of experience in investment banking, real estate, and finance, I am committed to delivering top-notch expertise. Collaborating with award-winning research experts in global real estate, we aim to provide unparalleled insights and lucid explanations derived from our collective years of industry knowledge. Have a look below for some samples of our work. Welcome aboard, and I invite you to enjoy the fruits of our labour as we embark on this journey together. Finally, to see a full biograpgy, please click here.

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Our Forecasts Samples

Quite simply, we outline the most valuable information on growth areas and income yields. In recent years, our work has advanced and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the best results. we undertake meticulous research, examining diverse macroeconomic factors shaping real estate dynamics, in order to furnish our audience with comprehensive insights and understanding. Click on the forecast sample below that you would like to see.

China Focus

Part of our focus centers on the Chinese real estate market, encompassing both commercial and residential sectors. With a keen eye on our followers’ interests, we dedicate ourselves to monitoring price fluctuations and addressing their inquiries promptly. Delving deeper, we investigate the relationship between economic downturns and real estate market shifts, exploring whether other factors wield significant influence. 

Bespoke Research

Download samples of our bespoke research. We have been producing special reports for asset and fund managers over the years on areas of interest to them. Please look at some of these samples on Chinese and European real estate. Click on the links below to view some samples.

Our eBook

Our e-book is a comprehensive account of how ordinary people make their fortunes by understanding the link between the commercial and residential real estate sector and the stock markets. The e-book explains the real estate financial products in detail, and the economic factors that influence their prices. It also fully explains the financial flows starting from the moment an individual puts their money into the financial instrument to how the profits are made. This is a once in a lifetime practical run through and a must read for any real estate trader or inquisitive learner. Please click on the image to download in Chinese and English.