The Sortis Income Fund Available on Templum One, Expanding Investment Opportunities for Investors



NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Templum, Inc. (“Templum”), the operating system for private markets and alternative assets™ announced today that investors can now access the Sortis Income Fund (SIF), an alternative debt fund for commercial real estate, with a focus on Western US markets on Templum One.

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Templum One has revolutionized private and alternative securities markets by seamlessly linking issuers, such as Sortis, with a diverse array of investors through a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform. This digitally native solution facilitates interaction among various stakeholders – including issuers, retail and institutional investors, custodians, and transfer agents – through standardized and streamlined workflows, eradicating longstanding barriers and costs to market accessibility.

The Sortis Income Fund is designed to bridge the gap between the borrowing needs of CRE owners/operators, and the lack of capital available due to record high interest rates and a banking environment in tumult. The Sortis Income Fund (SIF) employs a disciplined strategy and rigorous risk management to curate a diversified loan portfolio, delivering consistent and high-yield fixed-income returns to investors, all achieved without leveraging.

“We are excited to offer a variety of investment vehicles like the Income Fund from Sortis on Templum One,” said Christopher Pallotta, founder and CEO of Templum. “Templum is uniquely positioned to offer issuers like Sortis access to a differentiated investor base often unavailable through traditional channels. Templum One provides direct access to investments while aggregating investors and streamlining the capital-raising process through our native technology.”

About Templum  
Templum is the operating system for private markets and alternative assets and is paving the way for investors to participate in new asset classes through integrated market technologies and APIs for primary issuance, secondary trading, alternative data and Templum One, our private markets and alternative assets ecosystem solution. Templum’s combined solutions improve efficiency and access in private markets by enabling seamless, electronic workflows for alternative investments and standardized infrastructure to support operations, rather than the fragmented manual processes currently used in private markets. We unify private market infrastructure, investment opportunities and investor capital, into a single solution for private securities and alternative assets. 

Templum Markets LLC. a wholly owned subsidiary of Templum, Inc., is a New York-based broker-dealer, and Alternative Trading System (ATS) approved to trade unregistered private securities in 53 U.S. states and territories. For more information, please visit

About Sortis Income Fund
Sortis Income Fund is an evergreen real estate loan fund offered through private placement to accredited investors. The fund is managed by Sortis, LLC. The fund has a conservative focus on underwriting and holding real estate loans. Sortis, with deep roots in the Northwest, has developed a broad network over many years in banking and finance and has earned a reputation as a high-quality private lender that can execute efficiently.

About Sortis, LLC
Sortis, LLC is a leader in diversified alternative investment strategies focused on real estate, lending, and acquisitions. Sortis Funds include the Sortis Income Fund, The Sortis Real Estate Investment Trust, the Sortis Rescue Fund, and Sortis Opportunity Zone Funds. Operating under the principles of client focus, integrity, hard work, and creativity, Sortis, LLC provides its accredited investors with well-managed, diverse asset-based investment strategies. Learn more at

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​/PRNewswire/ — Templum, Inc. (“Templum”), the operating system for private markets and alternative assets™ announced today that investors can now access the… /PRNewswire/ — Templum, Inc. (“Templum”), the operating system for private markets and alternative assets™ announced today that investors can now access the… 

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