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Research reports

Impact of Improved Economic Prosperity on the Residential Real Estate Sector in China

How Economic Prosperity has shaped the Commercial Real Estate Sector in China

Trends in Malaysia's Commercial and Residential Real Estate Market in 2024

Our eBook

This eBook is full outline about how the financial markets link to the real estate market. For example, you will undertand:

  •  How ordinary people make money by understanding how the financial system works
  • Which economic fators make financial instuments attractive to buy or sell
  •  The advantages and disadvantages of different financial instuments, for example REITs or stocks
  • Undertanding how to calculate the returns on your money
  • Factors like how inflation affects your money
  • Many, many more facts in a 70 page eBook 


The activity page is a dynamic platform where users can engage with Key Opinion Leaders, access hourly expert articles, join discussion groups, create profiles, comment, and stay updated with the latest commercial real estate news. Here is a summary:

Key Features:

Engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

    • Expert Profiles: Follow and connect with industry experts.
    • Q&A Sessions: Participate in live Q&A sessions with KOLs.
    • Exclusive Insights: Access thought leadership articles and videos from KOLs.

Hourly Expert Articles

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    • Community Polls: Participate in polls and surveys to share your opinion.

User Profiles

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    • Personal Dashboard: Customize your dashboard to track your activities and interests.

Comment and Engage

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    • Forum Replies: Reply to posts in forums and group discussions.
    • Reaction Emojis: Use emojis to react to posts and comments.

Latest News

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Test your knowledge

Have a look at the type of questions the test provides. When you have finished reading our eBook, you will become an expert!

What is “cap rate” in commercial real estate?

  1. A) The rate at which a property appreciates
  2. B) The expected annual return on investment property
  3. C) The maximum interest rate on a mortgage
  4. D) The annual operating expenses of a property

What does it mean when a stock is described as having “high volatility”?

  1. A) The stock pays high dividends
  2. B) The stock price fluctuates significantly
  3. C) The stock has a high market capitalization
  4. D) The stock is in high demand

What is a “bond”?

  1. A) A share of ownership in a company
  2. B) A loan made to a corporation or government
  3. C) A savings account with a fixed interest rate
  4. D) A financial derivative based on stock performance

Relax with a fun real estate game

Please note that we are in the process of uploading a real estate game for your enjoyment!